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RN Enterprises was founded in 2014 by Shikha and Sheetal with a vision to build up a venture providing fine clothing experience at reasonable price. Both were backed up by bootstrap finance from their family. The aim was build up an enterprise slowly but steadily with help from local vendors/tailors. Eventually it was also on mind that they should be able to provide opportunities to those from rural parts to be part of the Venture and take it forward. Today Nitin and Anil from village near Nagpur are an integral part of this Enterprise, taking the purpose ahead. 

MySoul as a registered brand, RN Enterprises now has a portfolio of products which includes 100% cotton shirts, Cotton T Shirts, Polo T shirts, Polyester sports wear, Hoodies, Jackets, Caps and Uniforms etc. Majority of our supplies go to corporate and Colleges across India. Some of our esteemed clients are TATA Chemicals, IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai, TEDx Events, Innoventive Industries, JetKing, TechFest, Moodindigo, Ecell etc.

As a philosophy we would like to continue supporting our fellow team members to continue their entrepreneurial growth and establish successful ventures and keep providing opportunities to others. We are still on Bootstrap….have gained much experience now and are ready to take up the next flight.

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